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19 May 2007 @ 07:28 pm
Fic: Mercury Bright (Jasper/Peridot, NC-17)  
laylah wrote some marvelous Bijou cyberpunk AU, and also put the idea for cyberpunk-AU Peridot being rebooted in my head. This is what came out of that. Many thanks to laylah for letting me borrow her characters and her AU!

Mercury Bright
Peridot gets rebooted. Jasper takes advantage.
Bijou cyberpunk AU, Jasper/Peridot. 1621 words.
Not worksafe for sex. Consent dubious due to altered state of consciousness.

The sky outside was clear graphite-grey, so it should have been a good day for customers, but it wasn't. But then Onyx had said something about a nanoblast, which went partway to explaining it -- and which meant that his favorite gridrunners definitely woudn't be paying him a visit. Which meant he was going to have to entertain himself.

His last client had given him a jack as a gift, and though Cobalt would have saved it and sold it, he'd never been able to withstand boredom long enough for anything like that. He fished the plug out of its plastic casing and brushed aside the fake-skin covering of his socket, but a high whine distracted him before he could plug in. He looked up, but -- no, it wasn't Topaz' stasis ending, it was Peridot's monthly reboot ramping down. As he watched, Peridot shuddered from hibernation into sleep, breaths deepening and eyes moving behind their lids.

He put the jack back in its casing. Maybe he wouldn't need to use it just yet. He leaned against the rebooter, watching as the display signaled the return of Peridot's consciousness.

Peridot's eyes stopped their sleeptwitching and then opened slowly. Jasper wondered, not for the first time, whether the clear faceted green was natural or an augment, like the shifting highlights in his hair. Not like it mattered much. Jasper hooked his hands around the support bars and hauled himself up to straddle Peridot's hips and leaned down so he was the first thing Peridot saw. Most of the reboot took place for the twelve hours Peridot was out cold, but the last few memories couldn't overwrite till he woke up, and he thought he could see them vanishing if he looked deep enough.

"Do you remember who I am?" Jasper asked, trailing a hand over Peridot's narrow chest, flat stomach. He could see that the answer was still yes even before Peridot said it. "Do you remember this, sweetheart?" he pressed, stroking down -- and he could see the answer 'maybe' turning to 'no' as the seconds passed and the reboot finalized.

"I -- " Peridot said, " -- you -- " His eyes were wide but not uncomprehending, of course, since the reboot set him back to before he first got fucked but after he got it explained to him that he was going to get fucked. Garnet wouldn't want to have to do that explaining again every month.

"Yeah, lovely," he said, trailing a hand down over Peridot's singlet. "That's right. Just relax..." No wonder Peridot's first client paid through the nose for the privilege. With his eyes so big and barely-comprehending, and his sweet mouth just a little open... "You want to feel good, don't you?"

"I -- y-yes -- "

"Then let me help you out." And help himself out in the process, but where was the harm? He hooked his fingers over Peridot's singlet and pulled it down -- Peridot lifted his hands up out of the machine to help him, and then it just peeled right off, easy as anything.

Jasper knew that age was really a moot question with a construct like Peridot, who could be comissioned to look any way his creator wanted, but it didn't mean he couldn't like how Peridot's limbs were slim and smooth. It didn't mean he couldn't like how small Peridot was when he pulled him out of the rebooter and tugged him toward one of the cots -- not that it wouldn't have been good right there in the reboot, but the angle was all wrong, more's the pity. It also didn't mean he couldn't like how impressionable Peridot was right then, half-dazed, his big clear green faceted eyes hazed with whatever dreams he'd had in reboot. He was so sweet and pliant that it felt like it was too fucking easy, but then Jasper had never had a problem with too easy.

"What do you remember about me, pretty boy?" Jasper asked, shucking off his own clothes and reaching for a condom. Peridot was clean as a rewrite could make him, but he'd be in real trouble if he fucked the kid up with any of his own pharms or viruses.

Peridot had such a pretty voice, high but not thin, rich and rounded as he said, "You were there when, when I met Mistress Garnet." Like Lazuli, he said 'Mistress' like he meant it, but of course unlike Jasper and most of the rest of them he wasn't just on contract. "You winked at me." He pulled his knees up like he wanted to cover himself, but he didn't fight when Jasper put a hand on his thigh to keep him from doing that. Later he'd protest it -- in a few hours he'd have enough of his personality back to act like a shy virgin, which was what his clients paid so very much for -- but right now he was right between shy and impressionable, and that was just about right.

"Sure did," he said. "Thought you were a pretty little thing. Still do." Peridot's expression went confused for a second -- of course; for him that was just yesterday, or maybe the day before, not more than a year ago now. "Open up for me, pretty boy," he said, and that distracted Peridot from the question of time. He swallowed and his eyelashes fluttered and yes, no wonder he was one of the best earners his first few days after boot, he looked like he was just begging to be ravished with his throat moving like that and his body soft but tense, protesting just enough but not so much it was a nuisance.

"I know," he said, "she said, what I'm supposed to -- what you want to -- "

"Good," he said. "That's good." The lube was silicone-slick on his fingers. He spread Peridot's knees and said, "Take a deep breath, there you go, that's just right..." When Peridot let it out, shaky and unsure, he pressed his fingers in and -- yes, tight, just like he'd figured -- he got his other hand around Peridot's cock and stroked until Peridot made a little noise and opened his thighs up more. "There. Doesn't that feel good?" Peridot responded so natural that Jasper figured Cobalt must be right -- he must be a modded clone and not a full-construct, they hadn't got everything this perfect on the plastics yet --

Peridot gave him a look both startled and dazed, eyelids sliding down translucent and the flickering back up, that meant he wasn't used to this. It made Jasper wonder what purpose he'd been designed for, before Garnet bought him out, and what fake memories he had playing that he was such an innocent. The little ravished noise he made pretty damn well nearly killed him. He wasn't going to be able to wait much longer. Or any longer.

He thought about pulling Peridot up into his lap, but he looked so good like this, stretched out on his back with a wide kitten stare, that Jasper just rolled forward so he was on all fours over Peridot. His hair fell over his shoulder and brushed Peridot's chest, making him squirm -- his hair didn't have Peridot's shifting highlights but there were hidden livewires in it, faint shocks for the unsuspecting. Wasted on Peridot, who didn't suspect anything, who made another tiny noise and said, "Jasper?"

"It's fine, sweetheart," he said, "you're doing just fine...." and lined his cock up and pushed it in, not hard but good and steady, until he was all the way deep. Oh, yes -- there it was, there, that expression, that first-time-fucked way he rolled his head back to expose his throat, his pulse, his breaths... the way his body moved, like he wanted to push back and pull away at the same time, and the thin little noise, god, fuck, this wasn't going to take long at all.

Peridot was tight and smooth and hot, and squirmed like the virgin he wasn't but thought he was -- little high breathless noises and then a tiny startled sound when Jasper stroked him hard, and then Oh like he knew exactly how to drive someone crazy even though he couldn't possibly -- Jasper let his hair fall over Peridot's lips and then said, "That's just right, just perfect, such a pretty picture," which he was, flushed and sheened with sweat with his mouth open, completely helpless and gorgeous because of it. He opened his mouth again and made a sound, sweet as anything, and Jasper lost it, shuddering and jerking his hips.

When he was done, before he pulled free, he gave Peridot a few more hard strokes; Garnet couldn't reset him for at least another week without messing him up (and they'd learned that after the bad encounter, but of course Peridot couldn't remember it now), and if he got off he'd probably consent to this again without fighting too hard before he got reset. Peridot squirmed on his cock and made a little broken noise, his face tensing up, eyes closing, and then shuddered himself to release. Jasper slid out, then, petting his thigh and saying, "There you go. I told you I'd make you feel good, sweetheart."

Even after Garnet gave him nineteen kinds of hell -- she was always more protective of the boys she owned outright than the ones she had on contract -- and after she took the lost profit from Peridot's first night after reboot out of his contract, still, he thought it was definitely worth it.

Take my pride, but you can't take my sandwichdragovianknight on May 20th, 2007 03:37 am (UTC)
Oh. My. Dear. Gods. ::flails helplessly::
a little more bite, a little less barksister_coyote on May 20th, 2007 03:59 am (UTC)
Thank you! ♥
I can only be invisible if you're not looking: <3 <3ellixis on May 20th, 2007 05:00 am (UTC)
... awesome. Full of awesome.
a little more bite, a little less barksister_coyote on May 20th, 2007 05:10 am (UTC)
Thank you! :D
White Aster: oh hell yeah bredawhite_aster on May 20th, 2007 05:05 am (UTC)
Um. Um. Um. The idea of someone getting rebooted so they're perpetually getting deflowered is um...equal parts verah hot and verah disturbing. I approve! XDDD
a little more bite, a little less barksister_coyote on May 20th, 2007 05:11 am (UTC)
:D :D thank you! First-time/deflowerment/etc. isn't even one of my personal kinks, but Jasper seemed to like the idea...
White Aster: white rabbit so innocentwhite_aster on May 20th, 2007 05:16 am (UTC)
Yeaaaah, Jasper so would. Heh, I swear, Jasper seems to get just as much or more kid-action in the fanfics as he does in canon. ;P and i feel very, very wrong using this icon for this response oh god white rabbit, i'm sorry....
Angie: *prrr* - me (Shinji of Nihlism)prozac_pixie on May 20th, 2007 11:51 am (UTC)
Oh... oh wow... rebooted Peridot is so much love!

And livewires in Jasper's hair!

And rebooted Peridot!!! So adorable and confused and being a virgin every month and *oomph*

This was completely and fantastically awesome ^______^