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09 July 2007 @ 11:59 pm
Dark and Stormy Night - Film-noir!Animalverse!AU  
Late, but hey, it's still the 9th where I am...barely! :)

This is silly, indulgent, and slightly ooc Bijou fanfic for ze lovely laylah on her birthday! She asked for film-noir!Bijou AU, and I got uh...as far as the private!eye!Jade and...the rest took a lefthand turn into TOTAL CRACK. Did I mention that this is also anthropomorphic animal!Bijou-verse, too? Heh. Yeah. I...I have no idea why these two beat me over the head with THIS bunny, when they could have skipped the unpleasantness and gone straight to something, oh, CONSENSUAL AND FUN. But then, this IS Jade and Co. we're talking about. :P It was also originally two parts, but the first part never quite felt right to me, and I figured out, OH, so there's supposed to be woobie comfortsex after this! Of COURSE! ^__^

Ok, enough silliness and on to the silly porn. :)

The Dark and Stormy Night
by White Aster

Warnings: Sex, animal/furryness, non-con, and, in the end, woob.
Rating: NC-17

It was a dark and stormy night. Really dark. So dark that Jade was sure that the guys in the warehouse with him could see HIM much better than he could see THEM. Damned cats.

Luckily, the felids ALSO smelled strongly of dead fish.

Jade's nose twitched, and he adjusted his aim a few degrees to the left before firing. There was a weak, surprised mewl, the smell of hot blood, and then the sound of a body hitting the warehouse floor.

Jade's mouth quirked as his ears swivelled, trying to pinpoint where the dead guy's friends were in the dark.

Unfortunately, he was so focussed on a faint sound off to his left that he missed the guy coming up downwind behind him until there was a hiss in his ear and claws pricking through his trenchcoat, trying to sink into his gun hand. Jade growled back, hunching forward to sink fang into the other hand that was trying to slash his throat with razor-sharp claws. There was a yowl right in his ear, and the felid tried to pull away.

"Like hell," Jade thought, grinning through a mouthful of fur and blood and meat as he bore down and felt bones crack.

The felid let go of his gun hand, trying to scrabble at his head, and that was his last mistake. Jade hardly heard the gunshot over the felid's howling, as he shoved the gun back into the guy's chest and pulled the trigger. The cat choked a little wetly and slid to the ground, pulling a few red furrows out of Jade's arm as the dead weight dragged his claws down.

And Jade had liked that coat, too.

Jade licked blood from his mouth. He was trying to ignore the pain in various places and get his bearings again when he heard the unmistakable click of a safety being released right behind his head.

"Well, well. Look what the cats dragged in."

Jade very, very carefully didn't move. His gun felt heavy in his hand, and the darkness pressed in. His nose didn't lie, though. "...Westfall?"

"Got it in one."

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Investigating," Westfall said, much too cheerfully. "I'm a cop. I do these sorts of things. No, no, don't move. Well, except for putting that gun down on the ground, nice and slow. Nasty things, guns. Can cause a lot of problems. Wouldn't want there to be any...misunderstandings between us." Hard metal pushed between Jade's shoulderblades. "Things could get out of hand."

Jade slowly knelt to set his gun down. "Look, they've got my partner. This was all self-defense--"

"Of course it was. But I don't know that, now do I? I follow your suspicious gumshoe ass here and find you shooting people in the dark. I can't exactly just let you go, now can I?"

Jade sighed, though not too deeply. Westfall was known to be a little...temperamental, in that wild-dog way. "Look, if you want to take me in, that's fine, but there might be more of them, and my partner's here--"

"Trussed up like a pretty present in the back room? Why yes, he is. I already found him, while you were out here playing with the kitties. He's fine. Well. Mostly. Looks like the cats were having a bit of fun with him. One of them was doing something damn indecent to the pretty birdie before I shot him. The cat, not the bird." Westfall leaned down, the air smelling of wolf-musk as he leaned around Jade and...picked up his gun by the sound of it. And the look. Jade's night eyes were starting to work in here. "Now, why don't you put your hands behind your back all easy-like?"

Jade hesitated. One of the last places he wanted to be was cuffed and at Westfall's mercy. Especially if Westfall was working solo and didn't have his partner around to reel him in. Especially when he could smell the hot-salt-musk smell of Westfall enjoying this a bit too much. "Look, this really isn't necessary--"

The gun ground harder into Jade's shoulderblade. "Behind your back. Or I just might call it resisting arrest."

Jade put his hands behind his back. The sound of metal was loud as the cuffs clicked around Jade's wrists. Jade hoped that there'd only been the three felids, because he sure as hell didn't want to have to fight like this.

"All right, then. Up. And walk nice and slow." A tug on Jade's wrists, and Jade moved in the direction Westfall prodded him, his eyes adjusted just enough so he didn't walk into any crates. LIke hell he could figure out how Westfall could see where he was going. He'd always suspected that the bastard was part cat.


The "back room" was some kind of office. Filing cabinets along the wall, a few chairs, a standing fan, and a large desk. The desk's two most distinguishing features were A) the dead felid body slumped next to it, its prick still hanging out of its pants and B) Cobalt tied spread-eagle over the desk on his stomach. His pants were down around his ankles, his feathers were ruffled, his wings half-mantled in aggression, and altogether he looked bruised and scratched and highly, highly pissed.

Jade nearly stumbled, coming up on THAT picture unannounced. Westfall used his moment of surprise to thump him into a chair facing the desk and use another set of cuffs to lock the first set to the chair leg. "Well, then, why don't we have a little chat, hmm?"

"Lady's hounds, can't you untie him first?" Westfall was always a bit of a loose cannon, but leaving Cobalt tied there like THAT just couldn't mean anything good. The bindings were heavy chain locked with what looked to be a padlock. Something that Cobalt's talons couldn't get through. Jade didn't even want to think of how bad things must have gone for Cobalt to get himself disarmed and in THAT position. Jade had TOLD him to wait until Jade got there....

"Who, him?" Westfall turned, ears perked and nostrils flaring, to look at Cobalt. "Oh, I found him like that. He looks kind of comfortable there. Aren't you, birdie?"

Cobalt hissed at the wolf but said nothing, evidently figuring like Jade had: that it probably didn't matter a whole hell of a lot what they said. Westfall held all the cards.

"See? Comfy." Westfall moved to the side, so he could see both of them, gun still in hand. "Perfect for a little chat. Now, pay attention here. This is for your own good, you know. See, I've been noticing that you two seem to treat the laws of our fair city as, shall we say, suggestions, lately? No, no, now don't bother to deny it." Westfall pulled a little notebook out of the pocket of his coat and flipped it open with the hand not holding the gun. "I happened to witness your little stunt on 4th St. last month, and, that in mind, I took to investigating--"

"FOLLOWING us, you mean," Cobalt spat.

"--and you two HAVE been busy lately, haven't you? Getting into fights, shots fired, and well, I don't think that Claws McNaren will ever be quite the same after a certain birdie got ahold of him, now will he? Need I go on?" Westfall spread his hands and flipped his little notebook closed. "Now, I don't give two shits about what punks you two rough up. But you made more work for me, and that makes a man feel frustrated."

Jade looked at Cobalt. It wasn't that their cases the past few weeks had been particularly bad. All of those guys had had it coming and had come after Jade or Cobalt first, anyway. They were just...well, things that Jade and Cobalt really hadn't wanted to explain to the cops. But then, if Westfall had enough on them, he could have just dragged them into the station. Instead, he was leaning against the wall, with both of them tied up in an abandoned warehouse. Which meant that either Westfall didn't have anything solid on them or....

"What do you want?" Cobalt asked, his eyes narrowed and his voice colder than a Chicago winter.

Westfall smiled as he tucked his notebook away, then his gun. "What does any red-blooded public servant want, hmm? A little consideration. A little compensation for the pain in the ass you've been." He looked from Cobalt to Jade, then back again, his smile widening. Jade's hackles rose at the way that grin became a baring of teeth, sharp and mean. He couldn't quite help the way his own lips pulled back in an answering snarl as Westfall approached to stand right in front of him.

"A little appreciation for a job well-done, hmm?" Westfall's hand went to his belt, undoing the leather with a clink of metal, pushing aside cloth to pull out his prick. He was hard, of course, the bastard, and the smell of his musk this close was like a punch to the gut. Westfall leaned over Jade, towering, and murmured, "I feel any of your teeth, pup, and I'll give it back to your pretty birdie a few times over. I'm sure those wings'd break real nice."

Which, Jade thought as Westfall straddled him and butted his cock against Jade's lips, just went to show that Westfall didn't know shit about the avians. Or Cobalt in particular. But Jade had caught the look that Cobalt had given him, and so he just made sure that Westfall wasn't feeling any tooth as the cop did his best to ram his cock down Jade's throat.

"Mmmyeah, just like...that. Come on, gumshoe, be nice and slick me up, and I promise your birdie'll thank you for it...." Westfall thrust, and the angle was bad enough that it was tilt his head or get a cock out the back of his throat. Jade's hands clenched, eyes closing as he concentrated on quelling his gag reflex and not growling: both of them would probably have felt too good to the bastard.

The blowjob was not fun, though Westfall certainly seemed to think so. It went on for seemingly forever, Westfall's fingers in his hair holding him still. Jade's own fingers twitched. He really wanted out of the cuffs, but he couldn't do anything until Westfall wasn't right there....

Westfall thrust in hard once more, giving a little jerk of his hips solely, so far as Jade could tell, to make him choke. "Mmm...not bad." He pulled back on Jade's head and smeared spit and precome over Jade's cheek with the head of his prick. "I always knew you'd make a good cocksucker, pup."

Westfall's eyes turned to Cobalt on the desk, his grin out again as he said to Jade, "Maybe next time I'll have YOU playing bitch over the desk, hmm? Hope you won't be too jealous of your birdie. He's already undressed for the occasion."

Westfall moved away, a pleased rumble in his chest, his hand stroking his cock as he approached the desk. When he cleared Jade's line of sight, Jade was a bit surprised to see that Cobalt wasn't fighting. Not that fighting would have gotten him much right then, with the position he was in, but still. Cobalt wasn't the type to just let a crazy wolf fuck him up the ass if he could help it.

Instead, Cobalt was watching Jade, catching his eyes pointedly and ignoring Westfall just as pointedly when the cop slid up behind him. Westfall flicked the arch of one wing with his free hand and said something snide that Jade didn't properly hear. The wolf might as well have been a buzzing fly for all the attention that Cobalt paid him. Even Westfall pushing in with what must have been precious little slick just got a hardening of Cobalt's jaw, a gritting of his teeth, and a narrowing of his eyes.

Jade, throat still sore, nonetheless found it hard to concentrate on getting his lockpicks out of his shirtcuff with the show going on in front of him. He wasn't sure if it was Westfall fucking Cobalt or the fact that Cobalt was completely ignoring said fucking that was making Jade's cock twitch. Either way, Jade felt a bit guilty. Cobalt, after all, had gotten the rawer end of the deal here.

Jade apologized by picking his cuffs in record time. He held the loose cuff so it didn't make any noise, and glanced over at Westfall, who was so absorbed in taunting and pumping into Cobalt that he wasn't paying Jade any attention at all. Jade eased his hands completely out of the cuffs and nodded to his partner.

The thing that had been funny about Westfall's wing comment was that it showed a common misconception that non-avians had about avian anatomy. The avians were hollow-boned, true, and the wings themselves weren't thick with muscle and looked deceptively fragile. However, Jade--having some up-close-and-personal experience with the musculature of Cobalt's back and shoulders--knew that 'deceptive' was the operative word. After all, Cobalt had to hold his entire weight up with those wings when he flew. They weren't as delicate as they looked.

As Westfall found out when he leaned forward to sneer something into Cobalt's ear as he fucked him. Instead, he leaned right into Cobalt's wings flaring with the force of a punch to the face. Westfall cried out and fell back, Cobalt kree'd back at him angrily, and Jade rushed up out of his chair to pop Westfall another one in the face when he started to get his feet under him. That, evidently, was enough for the wolf, who stumbled back another pace, blinked, and started to snarl weakly before falling to the floor like a sack of flour.

"It took you long enough," Cobalt said, some of the raptor's call still in his voice.

"Sorry. Did my best." Jade came around the side, and thanked the Lady that one of his picks fit into the padlock. The lock clicked open, and Jade pulled the hasp through the chains. "You ok?"

"Of course not," Cobalt replied, waspishly. "I want off of this fucking desk." He pushed himself up as Jade carefully unlooped the chains from around his wrists. They'd rubbed raw marks into Cobalt's wrists, but nothing too bad that Jade could see. "And I want to fucking KILL this asshole," Cobalt continued, after he'd righted his clothes and rounded on Westfall.

It would, Jade realized, probably be really easy to get away with. They were standing in a warehouse with about three dead bodies in it already. Westfall could have come across the felid smugglers, gotten in further than he should have.... The coldly speculative look in Cobalt's eyes suggested that he was thinking the same thing. Eventually, though, he shrugged irritably and settled his trench coat around him again. "Not worth the trouble."

Jade felt his ears right themselves a bit in relief. He wouldn't have second-guessed Cobalt, but neither of them were really killers, and Jade was glad to keep it that way. "You think he'll cause any more trouble?"

"Probably. We'll just have to lie low for awhile." Cobalt's mouth twisted into a small, tight smile as he walked around the desk and opened a desk drawer. "Won't be hard. We've got some pay coming."

Jade perked. "You got the schedules?"

Cobalt yanked a file folder out of the drawer and held it up before stashing it in his coat. "Found them right before they caught me."

"Great." Jade knelt down and rifled until he found his gun in one of Westfall's pockets. The cop looked kind of ridiculous lying there with his dick hanging out, but Jade thought it suited him. "Let's get out of here, then."


Later, when they'd found their way back to the car through the storm and were busily dripping all over the seats while Jade headed them back towards center city, Cobalt said, "And don't think I didn't see you over there getting off on watching the bastard hump me."

Jade grinned, only half-sheepishly. "And you didn't get off at all on watching him fuck my face, hmm?"

Cobalt sniffed, one wing twitching irritably. "Drive."

Jade smiled and drove.


They grabbed the necessaries from the office and the apartment and checked into a run-down hotel in a not-great part of town. It wasn't the Ritz, but it was clean enough and the desk clerk didn't even look up from his crossword when he checked them in. And best of all, it wasn't anyplace that Westfall would know to look for them. Just in case.

Cobalt took it slow going up the stairs, and Jade watched him anxiously. He could smell blood still, and not all of it was his own. And Cobalt just smelled...OFF. Not like himself, not even like Jade, but like the felids and Westfall. It made a piece of his muttbrain want to pin Cobalt down and lick him clean until he smelled like he should again.

Not that Cobalt would LET him, but still. Jade would settle for looking him over and making sure there wasn't anything that their first aid kit couldn't take care of.

The first lamp that Jade tried in their room didn't work, but there was a chain and a deadbolt on the door that would have stopped an army, and Jade was happy to make the trade. Jade stuck the desk chair under the doorknob anyway. By the time that he turned back, Cobalt was already shedding clothes on his way to the bathroom.

Jade shrugged out of his coat, pulled off his shoes and button-down, checked the window and drew the curtains. He looked over and reloaded his gun and waited until the water in the shower had gone on longer than it should have before he stuck his head into the bathroom.

Either the hotel had a better water heater than Jade would have guessed, or it was just late enough that Cobalt had it all to himself. The air was thick with steam. Jade's nose twitched, his ears laying back at the underlying taint of blood-iron and Others. The patter of the water didn't change, and the shower curtain didn't flutter with movement behind it.

Jade's ears drooped. He shivvied out of the rest of his clothes and peeked cautiously behind the curtain.

Cobalt faced the spray, leaning on the tiles behind the showerhead, eyes closed and head bowed. His pale skin was reddening under the too-hot water. His wings drooped, barely held out of the spray. Jade could see two sets of nasty parallel scratches down his back, the dull yellow-brown-green of bruises starting on his hips and sides.

Cobalt glanced back at him over his shoulder, but didn't say anything. Jade figured that that was as good as permission.

The shower wasn't all that big, and it was a bit cramped with Jade, Cobalt, and Cobalt's wings, but Jade managed, sliding in close where he knew he could fit against Cobalt's back, arms around Cobalt's waist (not too tight) resting his face between Cobalt's wings (not too hard). Cobalt tensed but let him, and he relaxed as Jade just nuzzled, tongue lapping at the soft skin and the wet, downy start of feathers.

Jade's fingers trailed down to the scratches but didn't touch, hovering. He whined, pained, deep in his throat, and Cobalt sighed under him. "If you must."

Jade knelt and ran his tongue over each clawmark, individually. He tasted soap and salt and only the tiniest bit of blood. The same for the quick, guilty swipe down Cobalt's crack. The muscles in Cobalt's back tightened under the touch, so Jade kept it light, gentle, only enough to make his muttbrain shut up about needing to clean his mate. He sighed and rubbed his face against Cobalt's hip, kissing a particularly large bruise splayed over the hipbone.

It was no surprise when Cobalt turned, hands in Jade's hair, talons scratching roughly in just the right way behind Jade's ears. Jade had smelled the sharp, avian musk from the moment he'd knelt behind him. Cobalt could grouse all he wanted, but he liked being pampered, liked being catered to. Liked being knelt before. Liked being in control. And if Cobalt wanted to take back some of the control he'd lost tonight, well, Jade was fine with that, and he tried to tell Cobalt that with nothing but the eager press of his mouth to Cobalt's belly.

Cobalt just pressed the head of his cock to Jade's lips and made a soft, demanding noise, almost lost in the patter of the water. That was almost asking, for Cobalt, and Jade sucked him in, moaning. It was hot and perfect in the way Westfall had NOT been, and Jade's hands traced over the back of Cobalt's thighs, pulling him closer, encouraging.

Not that Cobalt needed much encouraging. He threw back his head, a soft kree of pleasure in his throat as he fisted his hands in Jade's hair, holding him right where he wanted him. He slid down Jade's throat like he belonged there, like Jade had been MADE for it, like there was absolutely no better use Jade could be put to, and Jade swallowed and swallowed around him until Cobalt pulled back to let him breathe. Jade just gulped air and, eyes turned up hot on Cobalt's face, didn't even wait, swallowing Cobalt down again without any encouragement. It was worth it for the twitch of Cobalt's cock against his tongue, and the lightning-flash look in his eyes. For the way he hissed and thrust and TOOK, threw back his head and called as he came down Jade's throat.

Jade moaned and shuddered, coming without even touching himself.

Cobalt pulled, and Jade forced himself to his feet. The kiss was hungry and possessive and made Jade feel warm from the tips of his ears to the end of his tail, even though the hot water had started to go.

Cobalt nipped Jade's bottom lip once more before pulling back. He made a face and ducked out of the shower, water flicking from his wings as he left Jade to finish cleaning up. And even though the water went stone cold halfway through lathering the soap, Jade found himself smiling.

A bad night overall, maybe, but he and his partner (mate) were alive and well and safe and looking to get paid tomorrow. There wasn't, Jade thought sleepily, much more that a mutt could ask for.

~The End

Author's Note:
Jade: dog
Westfall: wolf
Cobalt: slate-blue winged kestrel
The Black Kitten: Nobility - Sacrifice - Chocolate: bijou - jadelaylah on July 10th, 2007 05:04 am (UTC)
♥ ♥
I am too brain-dead from SK things tonight to be able to say any new clever things about this, but -- still, yay, thank you. ♥

oh Jade. prrr.
White Asterwhite_aster on July 10th, 2007 02:41 pm (UTC)
He's such a good puppy!

Hee, I'm just glad that you liked. :)