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bijou_fandom's Journal

Bijou Fan-Works!
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From the profile of precious_stones:

"The Bijou is an ongoing fiction/art project, serialized in non-chronological order -- hell, who are we kidding? Most likely in no order at all. This is a project based around original m/m smut, in a loose historical setting that is roughly an alternate 18th century -- the major differences being the absence of gunpowder or entrenched monotheism. The main characters are male prostitutes, working out of a fancy bordello in a thriving city. Slavery is legal in their society, and all the Bijou whores are property of the madam."

This is a community devoted to Bijou fanstuff. If you have a piece of art or writing based on the characters or world of the Bijou, post it here. Joining just to look at the pretties is also fine, but don't forget to comment--artists and writers hate creating into a vacuum!

Per the wishes of the characters' creator, please do not post fic featuring Drake and/or Gabriel. Art is fine until further notice, but any fiction starring those two characters will be regretfully removed.


Posting guidelines:

1. Lj-cut!
2. Above the cut, specify worksafe or not.
3. If you think your piece requires a warning, please add one. Since the fandom's canon includes slavery, dubiously-consensual sex, bondage, general exploitation and naughty language, there's no need to warn about that sort of thing. :)


We also have the community on InsaneJournal.